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Thai interior designs occupy global stage.

It is not well known that Thailand was the important source of design products and world’s architecture.  In fact, tourism industry, for example hotels, restaurants and condominiums paves the way for Thai interior designers and architects to receive prestigious awards.  The three companies we choose all creatively presented their unique interior designs.  We hope that their success stories will continually inspire the new waves.  


Party/ Space/ Design (P/S/D)

         P/S/D (, the renowned design consultancy who focused on restaurant interior design.  Suparat Chinathaworn and Kijtanes Kajornrattanadech both used passion in food as their drive.  Coming to P/S/D customers would get all- in-one answers about restaurant design from branding, space decoration, waiter’s uniform to other inside information. These made Shugaa, a French-style patisserie by Thai chef in Ekamai, receive the winner awards in 18th FAB Awards 2016 in London, in Modern Decoration International Media Awards 2016 in China and, the most recent, win votes from the judges in Prix Versailles (Extérieur 2017) in Paris. 


         This patisserie was designed under “Sugar Crystal” concept, which defined and created sugar molecules in various points of view.  Its highlight was the spiral staircase made of acrylic boxes.  When customers walked to the second floor, they would be amazed with view of dessert preparation from the chef.  There was also the private zone for reading and relaxing.



Department of ARCHITECTURE Co., Ltd.

        Two ex-colleagues together founded their own architecture firm.  In luxurious hotel design industry, these following two names were familiar.  Amata Luphaiboon received a Bachelor of Architecture with first-class honors and a Gold Medal from Chulalongkorn University and Master’s degrees from Harvard University and the University of Washington.  Twitee Vajrabhaya Teparkum worked for world-class architecture firms in Chicago and New York.  In 2004, they put their determination to found Department of ARCHITECTURE Co., Ltd.  One of their notable works was Hilton Hotel, Pattaya which received HA+D Awards for Design Excellence Hospitality Architecture & Design.  This award commended the best interior design hotels and resorts internationally and hosted by Hospitality Architecture & Design in Hong Kong.

             The spectacular design of Hilton Hotel Pattaya was its lobby on 16th floor. 

The rippling fabric fins across the lobby’s ceiling created dynamic wave lines which Amata aimed to convey the sense of the sea and the beach. Guests entering this lobby would feel the serenity and freedom like walking on the beach.  The use of pale lighting reflecting mid tone shade of sand, wood and pebbles also brought a feeling of strolling on the actual beach.




    DWP| design worldwide partnership (DWP CitySpace Co., Ltd.) was one of Thailand leading interior design companies.  DWP won may big prizes from interior design competitions such as Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2005 (APIDA), hosted by Interior design association of Hong Kong (IDA.)  The designs of DWP City Space usually satisfied the committees who preferred designs that related to daily life.  Last May, the company won the grand price in the International Design Awards 2017 in Residential category that awarded to the interior design of The XXXIX Sansiri at BCI Asia awards.  DWP designed this 34-storey building with inspiration from Armani and the fashionable New York City.   The result was the collaboration of the sophisticated glamour, serenity coupled with limitless lifestyle that fulfilled urban experience beyond others. The XXXIX Sansiri’s unique design elevated luxurious condominium standard in Bangkok.




Creative Thailand
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