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The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) would like to invite you to the free workshop under the Design Service Society 2021 project:  HOW TO BECOME “TECH FORWARD” ACCELERATING OUR FUTURE AND GROWTH THROUGH DESIGN AND TECHNOLIGY

Co-industry collaboration between design service providers and entrepreneur to create new possibility under theme

Thailand: Kitchen of the World

Agricultural Transformation

A Renewable-Powered Future

Innovative Solution for the New Normal

Joining in-depth and experience-sharing workshop

- Co-Industry Collaboration ( Design x Tech)

- Virtual Hackathon

- Mentoring Session 

- Prototyping with 3D printing services

- Virtual Demo Day ! 

This event is free of charge.

Don't miss a good opportunity to change the world

Apply now – 25 August  2021 by clicking the link below.

Click here:

More information

Tel. : 090-665-4965 / 081-585-1580 

E-mail : 

FB : DitpDesignDitp

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